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How to Connect Hp Printer with Wifi?

If you have a problem to install your printer on Windows 10 and you need help in this matter. So please cool down, and read our article once. If you don't know the process to add the printer device then, after reading our content you will get to learn about it all easily.

Today's time everyone (every age people) are using electronic gadgets like students are using for learning and gaining the knowledge purpose and professionals persons are using the printer device for making the presentation and print it as like much more printing works have been doing by the people in the whole world. We are also one of them who do use the printer the device at our home or office and we have already been seeing it for a long time ago because it’s a common thing nowadays. But few people are unknown to install a printer on Windows 10.

Procedure to add your printer to Windows 10:

Now talk about it, if you don't know the process to add your printer please don't worry and read our given instructive points which we did share only for your help. Once you read and get understand carefully step by step process then, you can apply it easily without wasting time and can solve your issue without facing any trouble. And your much time and money will be saved together.

1. Please connect both devices (printer, laptop or computer) whatever you have with the wire of USB.

2. Select if (scanner and add a printer) will show you.

3. Please Click on Change device installation settings (you will get this option in the window of the menu) and wait for its opening.

4. In the option of settings device installation window, click on the icon of yes after clicking on the icon of save changes.

After trying these steps and applies it carefully your issue adds your printer to Windows 10 should be solved out easily and your printer should be worked out.

Ways to add your wireless printer on windows 10:

If you do use the wireless printer and you want to add your printer to Windows 10 then you need to follow these following steps please go through within it exactly and solve your problem immediately without taking anyone's help.

1. For making the connection via Wi-Fi by your printer you have to use the wizard of wireless setup.

2. Recognize the SSID server for the network that you want to intend for using.

3. Now, it will say you to fill the server password. Please complete the task immediately.

When you will fill the password correctly and click on the button of ok then it will take a few seconds for making a strong connection between your both devices. If once it will be done after, you can simply install the hp printer to windows 10.

Use printer driver to add your printer on Windows 10:

1. Please check carefully to your printer driver updates if that has gone on outdated version so please update it first.

2. Then, look out into the window of the control panel.

3. Now, in front of you, Devices and Printers option will be available please tap on it.

4. Now, you have to choose the option of Add a printer or Bluetooth.

5. Then, choose the printer device name whatever you use then, tap on the button of next.

These easy and useful listed steps can be helped you as you want means if once you will follow these all steps so you could be added your printer on Windows 10. If you fail to attempt after all points, so at that time, you will be needed to take help from the certified experts.

Printer Support Team

Printer Support Team has a very talented and well-educated technical person who can solve any kind of problem-related to printer device whether it is adding the printer on Windows 10 or anything more.


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